Divulgamos a 7th Anarchist and Libertarian Bookfair” em outubro em Florença

invito 7h anarchist

To: publishing houses, publishers, authors, self-publishers, groups, organizations, associations and/or, single individuals.

The “Ateneo Libertario” of Florence are organizing the 7th edition of the “ANARCHIST AND LIBERTARIAN BOOKFAIR” in Florence (Italy) On 2th-3th-4th October 2015, at Teatro Obihall (formerly known as “Teatro Tenda”) Via Fabrizio De André (corner with Lungarno Aldo Moro).

This international book fair will be organised around a series of artistic and cultural events. This is a call for the submission of works, publications and productions to present at the event which should be an expression of the anarchist movement or libertarian ideas. The invitation is also open to video productions documenting history, culture or current events and which express libertarian ideas and experiences of self-managment.

The works presented, followed by discussion, will provide a cultural backdrop to the three-day exhibition of books, magazines, journals, printed work in every form, audio and video material and graphic art. Space will be given to performances of music and theatre.

We hope to present several new ideas, titles and research projects, and are inviting authors, editors, publishers and artists to present their newest and most significant work personally.

We request all those interested in presenting their own work to reply as promptly as possible, with details of participation giving us time to organise suitable schedules and spaces.

For those unable to attend and be present on their stall or sector there will be mixed areas organised by the “ATENEO LIBERTARIO” to whom books and materials may be sent.

The Obihall Theatre (the former “Teatro Tenda”) and the spaces equipped for the event can easily be reached by public and private transport. The “Ateneo Libertario” will provide the necessary logistics.

Independent initiatives for promoting the “Vetrina” event are most welcome. Either by sharing this e-mail on websites, mailing-lists and other means of communication with less well-known and distant addresses. We invite everyone to share as widely and creatively as possible so that the invitation is extended to as many libertarian and anarchist realities as possible and to friends, acquaintances and potential visitors wh are not part of the movement.

To participate please fill in the following application form by 30th May 2015  via e-mail.

Best libertarian wishes, Ateneo Libertario of Florence

seguem abaixo as instruções para fazer a inscrição:

Application form

7th Anarchist and Libertarian Bookfair” Florence, 2th-3th-4th October 2015

Editor, type ofpresentation and full address, contact name,mail address:

Answer here:

What kind of material you want to exhibit?:

Answer here:

What kind of promotion you want to organize during the bookfair:

Answer here:

Clear the necessary exhibition space needed:

Answer here:

To support the organization of the bookfair clear what kindof contribution and/or percentage on your sales you want to leave(money full destinated to the event

Answer here:

Contact name,full address and phone numbers of the person who will be coming to the bookfair:

Answer here:


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